1. Filter head should be on the filter.
  2. Ball Valves in front of the pump (if you have them) should be in the vertical position.
  3. The pump will be pulling half from the skimmer and half from the bottom drain.


  1. Take vacuum equipment and stick it in the pool for the end of the hose that has the skim vac on it. If your hose has a swivel cuff at one end, that end MUST be on the vac head or you will lose prime.
  2. Turn the bottom drain off (ball valve should be in the horizontal position). The ball valve will be found in front of the pump.
  3. Fill the vac hose with water by taking the skim vac and putting it in front of the return jet until the vac head sinks to the bottom of the pool.
  4. When the hose is full of water put the skim vac in the skimmer over the basket and start to vacuum.
  5. Vacuum until the pool is clean or pressure is 15 pounds above normal filtering pressure.
  6. When pressure is 15 pounds above normal backwash the filter.


  1. Tum off the pump.
  2. Turn filter head handle to backwash position.
  3. Tum the pump on and run it until the sight glass is clear.
  4. Turn the pump back off and turn filter head handle to rinse position.  Turn the pump back on and run for 10 seconds.
  5. Turn the pump off and turn filter head to recirculate.  Turn pump on and run it for 10 seconds.
  6. Turn the pump off and turn the filter head handle to filter position and start vacuuming or normal filter operations.