On May 20th from 5pm-7pm we will be holding a Consumer Chemical Class at the New Columbia Community Center. Our bioguard representative, Jason, will be there to thoroughly explain any chemical questions you have. Please bring a water sample and we will test it for you. At this class you will receive a 10% off coupon on your next chemical …



Our hours for the spring are Monday through Friday 9-5 and Saturday from 9-1. If there’s anyway we can further assist you please give the store a call.


Winterizing Your In-Ground Pool

1. Vacuum the pool and remove all leaves and debris. 2. CHLORINE POOLS Test water and make sure Ph and chlorine are in normal range. If Ph balance is off, add proper amounts of Ph plus or minus to correct the problem. Run the filter on bottom drain for approximately 2 hours before adding winter chemicals. If the chlorine is …

Rick SilvagniWinterizing Your In-Ground Pool

How to Maintain Your Pool

Circulation For maximum sanitizer effectiveness throughout the entire pool the water must be circulated. The more your pool water is in motion, the harder iti s for bacteria and algae to take hold and grow. Another advantage is the more water that is passed throughthe filter, the more debris is captured. the best time to circulate the water is during …

Rick SilvagniHow to Maintain Your Pool

Pool Care Basics

Five essentials make up the basics of pool maintenance. Understand these categories of care so you have an overall idea of what you’ll need to do. (With the help of your BioGuard® Dealer, of course.) Paying regular attention to these areas is your best guarantee for getting maximum pleasure from your pool. Circulation Pool water must be circulated to maximize …

Rick SilvagniPool Care Basics

How to do a Filter Clean for Inground Pools

STEP 1    Turn filter system off STEP 2    Open pump lid and pour filter cleaner directly into pump housing. Shut pump lid. STEP 3    Make sure filter valve head is in backwash position. STEP 4    Turn system on for approximately 1-2 seconds until filter cleaner is reserved into sand filter. STEP 5    Turn system off and put valve head …

Rick SilvagniHow to do a Filter Clean for Inground Pools

Planning for Your New Fence

Taking a little time to plan can avoid headaches and save money. Be sure to: Measure carefully. Remember that you are responsible for your property line and set back requirements set forth by the prevailing authority. Draw the plan on graph paper Consult neighbors, check homeowners associations for restrictions, check local building codes and zoning requirements, and check with utility …

Rick SilvagniPlanning for Your New Fence

Vacuuming and Backwashing Your Inground Pool

NORMAL OPERATION OF YOUR POOL Filter head should be on the filter. Ball Valves in front of the pump (if you have them) should be in the vertical position. The pump will be pulling half from the skimmer and half from the bottom drain. TO VACUUM THE POOL Take vacuum equipment and stick it in the pool for the end …

Rick SilvagniVacuuming and Backwashing Your Inground Pool

How to Open Your Pool

1. Solid Covers only – remove water from top of cover with a pump or syphon. Starting at one end of pool, with 2 people on either side, roll cover towards other end of pool. Try to get as little dirt and debris from top of cover. Clean cover and store away (ask about Stowaway chemical for storing). Treat water …

Rick SilvagniHow to Open Your Pool

How to Change Your Sand

Changing your sand is best done when your pool is just being opened in the spring, while the plumbing is disconnected. Take the valve head off the filter. Before you do anything else, take a piece of duct tape and put it over the hole on your lateral assembly (center pipe), this will prevent sand from going into this pipe …

Rick SilvagniHow to Change Your Sand